Infrastructural Facilities

Although Meghalaya itself is one of the youngest and smallest state in the country yet it is having a 443kms long international border with Bangladesh. Such geographical closeness of Meghalaya to Bangladesh implies a unique advantage for setting up of industries based on demand in the country. All such units will enjoy a competitive advantage on account of low cost of product transportation.

To obviate the problem of prospective entrepreneurs in acquiring site for industries, industrial estate and areas have been created and more likely to come up in the near future. The following are the existing industrial sites in the State.

Location        Industrial estates
 (Area in acres)
Growth Centre Area
( in hectares)
EPIP/Industrial (Area in Acres)
Shillong 10.22 - -
Tura 19.83 - -
Jowai 14.56 - -
William Nagar 15.30 - -
Mendipather 7.00 36.00 -
Nongstoin 10.00 - -
Byrnihat - - 259.00(EPIP)
51.00-Extended Area
Umiam - - 109.67(IA)

All these places are well connected, having basic facilities such as road, power, water, hospital, Post & Telegraph, shopping complex, school, colleges etc.

Export Avenues
At present there are 10 (ten) Land Custom Stations in the State with the routes mentioned below through which export-import business/trading activities are being carried out:

District Land Custom Station Routes
South Garo Hills Baghmara Someshwari River
  Baghmara Durgapur
Gasuapara Gandibo-Karaitoli-Haluaghat
West Garo Hills Mahandraganj Mahandraganje Dhanua
  Jinjiram River
Dalu Bugal River
  Dalu Nalitbari Road
East Khasi Hills Shella Shella River
  Pharang Karuh (Maula River)
Ichamati Ichamati River
Bholaganj Dholai River
  Bholaganj to Company Ganje
  Komorrah- Chhatak Ropeway
  Darogakhal River
  Sonai River
  Duba Channel
  Dear Valley
West Khasi Hills Borsora Cherragaon quarry-Cherragaon
  Borsora- Tahirpur
  Chalitachera- Samsar Bil
Jaintia Hills Dawki Gauripur-Samsar Bil
  Piyan River
  Shillong-Sylhet Road